The Sázava Pilgrimage is being held annually since 2001, organized by the Czechoslovak Hussite Church.

The date June 22nd 2013 is therefore its 13th anniversary!

Divadelní stvárnění příběhu Cyrila a Metoděje na chůdách

During the day you can attend concerts, theatre performance for children a parents, kid’s programme and, of course, a spiritual programme through Hussite liturgy served by the Patriarch Tomáš Butta and ecumenical guests from Orthodox and Roman-Catholic Church. During the day you can enjoy a number of concerts, literary and theater performance and an evening ecumenical closing prayer. For details see the Program 2012 section. This year we will again host a famous Czech singer Irena Budweiserová as well as other excellent musicians, poets, actors and many other interesting people!

The Piligrimage this year is celebrated as a part of national celebrations of christianisation of Czech lands and is a Hussite contribution among Orthodox and Roman-Catholic pilgrimages hedl during this May, resp. July.

The Sázava Pilgrimage became one of traditions, annually commemorating unambiguous cultural and spiritual heritage of Cyril and Method, who brought Christianity to Czech lands in 863 AD. The Pilgrimage is aimed on bringing the meaning of their work in our country still effecting now-a-days closer to the modern man. At the same time, it wishes to bring people to the very place where could be heard the last Slavonic worship, for next hundreds of years covered by the Latin Mass.

The Sázava Pilgrimage has annually a rich spiritual as well as cultural dimension and its structure is opened to a wide range of visitors no matter of their confession or age. Regular visitor are found among grown ups, seniors, families with children and youth, people coming from closer and further places. Although the Pilgrimage is connected with the place of St. Procopius Closter in Sázava, its meaning is interregional.